What is a true “Goddess”? (1-9-24)

Hello Lovelies,

We have entered a new year and it’s been a long while since I have updated this blog. I spent a big portion of last year traveling all over the world. I was fortunate enough to travel to 8 countries in 2023. Mexico, Turkey, United Kingdom, Colombia, Switzerland, Greece, Spain, and Anguilla. This was not the plan at the beginning of the year, but I was blessed with several opportunities that unfolded with international travel. Through these trips, I really started to feel a true change within myself. When Switzerland happened, this trip catapulted me into a new direction of awakening, eternally.  As I write this, I can honestly say that I’m not the same Egypt as in previous years.

When I started my biz in 2019, I named myself Goddess Egypt. It felt like it went with the whole body rub persona so I ran with it for a while. However, I never really felt like a true Goddess. Only cosplaying the word. In recent time, I went to promoting Egypt Rose as I turned into more of a companion that went on more multi hour dates, but also offered body rubs. I really love my name, but as I started to experience so many life changing events last year, I felt a shift to seek out what a true Goddess or woman that embodied Goddess like energy was all about.

Definition of Goddess Energy: “Goddess energy is the expression of our divine feminine archetype. It’s the part of ourselves that embodies these feminine principles such as intuition, compassion, reception, reflection, sensuality, gentle but also fierceness, power, embodied strength and wisdom.”

True Goddess energy calls to a man who desires to be seduced by a strong yet feminine woman walking in her truth unapologetically. Not afraid to speak her mind, demand what she desires in the most alluring of ways and will walk away from less than what she feels she deserves. It’s taken me so long to get here with lots of trial and error, but I’ve never felt more close to this definition until now. Some will doubt this lasting change within me, but others will draw closer and more intrigued to experience this upgraded sensual elite indulgence with your Goddess, Egypt Rose.


Again, not every man is seeking this sensual experience when searching for a companion. However, the great thing I’ve discovered over the years of doing this is there are SO many men that DO want to feel connected to divine, sensual feminine energy and want to build this long-term connection over time with someone they can trust with their most intimate of desires. To worship a Goddess….


Stay tuned for the changes to come!

XOXO Egypt Rose