Welcome to my New Blog!!!

Well, I’ve finally did it! I’ve always wanted a place to share more about me with all the wonderful friends I’ve made over the years and potential new ones that want a little more insight into my world. I will warn you upfront that the thoughts that I will share will be written in a format similar to how I speak. So yes, it won’t be perfect or always the most grammatically correct verbal expression, but it’s truly me! Spontaneous, silly compassionate, kind, sensual and so much more that will be expressed over time. I ask that everyone is patient with me as I’m still working with my IT guy to under all the functionalities available at my fingertips.

What can expect to see?

Well, I do hope to of course push my brand and updates to my site and packages. However, if I’m able to inspire, uplift, provoke laughter or even educate with info that I will share about the industry, then this will be a bonus. Pics and possible videos will be sprinkled in too. If you happen to be on my snapchat page, then you may be familiar with the polls I post to gain insight from the client’s perspective. When I figure out that function through this blog, I will definitely do that here too! Also, I have just updated my tour schedule on my home page so if you aren’t in the Kansas City area and you are hoping to see me, make sure to check out when I will be heading to a city near you. Until my next blog post, take care and see you soon!