My journey so far as a black woman in this industry…. (3-13-24)

Hello lovelies,

First let me say thank you to everyone who contributed to making February as successful as it was! I will forever be appreciative of all who choose to spend their money and time with me which in turn. This helps to bring me a little closer to achieving my dreams and taking care of my mom and family. After coming off the heels of black history month, I reflected back to my humble beginnings in this industry and how far I’ve come. It hasn’t been easy, and the journey has presented itself with unique challenges that at times, seemed to be more challenging due to my race. Yes, I’m blasian (black & Asian), but what most mainly see is a black woman. A proud one at that! There’s so much rhetoric out there that may lead a woman such as myself to believe that the majority of men from other ethnic backgrounds don’t prefer to see black women….lol. Obviously, I don’t believe this at all. At least not anymore. Maybe it might be said that it’s easier to break into the higher end companion arena, which I won’t disagree. Still, I see so many beautiful black companions of all shapes and sizes killing the game! From women who are jet setting around the world. Some being taken on lavish shopping sprees and Michelin star dining experiences. Also, women who are reaching levels of generational wealth with assets that they can hand down to others like property, companies and more. To be in the incredible group of women achieving this level of success has always been my dream and I’m honored to say that I’m standing at the doorway of this extraordinary achievement. Who would have known that I could take body rubs so far? From staying in an incall all day doing massages to being sot after as an overall fun adventurous companion who discerning gentlemen enjoy spending their time with during a dinner date or overnight. Even longer recently. I’m again, incredibly grateful for the opportunities that this industry has brought me. Especially getting me to experience that there isn’t anything that I can’t achieve with drive, ambition, a plan and a sexy little black dress with heels, as a BLACK WOMAN!


Egypt Rose XOXO