Let’s talk about sex baby….. (7-9-23)


Hey Lovelies!!

It was a super busy June, but thank you to everyone who supported me last month. You ended up helping me reach my highest grossing month in my business since I began 4 years ago! I’m incredibly grateful to be going strong and I will never take all the generosity from my male suitors for granted.

SOOOOOO…….did my title grab your attention? I hope it did! I want to talk about sex! Yep. That’s right. S E X. Who doesn’t love having it when we get it? However, most are probably not getting as much as they want of it in life. That’s an unfortunate reality for many. The more unfortunate part is when you aren’t having the sex you want. Sex is meant to be enjoyed, but I find that the one activity that most would agree is an amazing thing to have is discussed the least with your partner/s or in general! Some who have followed me for years now, know that I started with strictly body rubs. Over time I’ve expanded my menu to include companionship/dates. You will never hear or see me use the terms “full service.” Why? I want the experience to be more than just a “roll in the hay” as they say. Considering I’m a provider, that may sound weird to some since the perception is ALL companions are only in it for the money. This is absolutely not true for me. I want my intimate experiences with others to be fun, adventurous, consensual, daring, explorative and more. This is another reason I don’t offer hour sessions. What connection can be built in an hour? Yes I’m about connection. I’m going as strong as I am because of the lasting connections I’ve built over time. Now I understand I may come across as rigid or prudish, but baaabaaay….I’m nothing close to that! lmao!

Do you like it from the back? Against the wall? In the shower? Gazing into you partner’s eyes? Deep and slow? Faster and hard? The possibilities are endless! Do you like to use toys? Are you a little submissive behind closed doors? There are so many ways to take your intimate experiences to the next level. However communication is key! Its even more important when you are looking for the right provider for this experience. For me personally, longer dates allow me the space to get comfortable with you so it will heighten the time together. I pride myself in not treating everyone the same. Building a connection allows me to let that freak out a little more with some. (if that’s what you’re in to) Or be very soft and passionate as some haven’t been truly held in a compassionate way in YEARS. I LOOOOOVVVEEE talking about sex and will mostly likely have more blog posts diving into different experiences that I desire. Some that I’ve had, that I would like to repeat and others that really weren’t very good at all. Point is, we all should talk about it more and have more if it. It’s healing and a necessary part of living a healthy life.

As I’ve started to be more open about my sexual desires, my sex life is the best it’s ever been and climbing. My little “ghost pepper” is the happiest she’s ever been as well!!!

Ps Ghost pepper is my new nickname for…well…you know…lol! She’s a little sweet with a whole lot of HEAT! Snatching Souls…LMAO!

Until next time, be blessed & be safe!

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