Gotta do the damn thing…… (6-13-24)

Hello Lovelies,


Its June and summer is practically here. Let me jump right into some updates on what’s happening with me. Unfortunately, my I T guy has let me down recently. All the changes I wanted to implement to my business and website haven’t been done due to him going MIA on me. Its been frustrating to say the least and not something that can be easily dealt with so for now, the site remains the same. There is a specific reason why it will be this way which I will get to in a moment. One change that has happened that I’m excited about is my new platform on! (@egyptrose) No more Snapchat folks!  This platform is allowing me the opportunity to express myself in a way that I feel way more appreciated than I ever did on snapchat. There are 4 tiers to subscribe to starting at $5. The higher the tier, the more of my content you get to see and experience. The more I learn about the platform, the naughtier the content will get. Lastly, I’m putting the finishing touches on my new website and persona as I start to take a leap into becoming a true companion that isn’t hindered in anyway by the body rub arena. Yes, I’m ready to put all these great pussy skills to work for me! LMAO! I’m not afraid any longer to say that this cat is addictive and fire!!! I’m owning it….lol. I also know my worth and deserve to be treated as a Goddess should. No, Egypt isn’t going away right now. My other persona has to take off, for that to happen and i know it takes time to build an amazing roster of loyal suitors. The more my companion takes off, the less availability Egypt will start to have for new appointments. This shift in my focus is the reason why I won’t invest anymore funds into elite indulgence by trying to pay another I T guy to makes changes. Its time to put my focus on embracing this new chapter I’m embarking on now.

So its time for me to do the damn thing…… I just have to go for it and believe that I can be even more successful as a straight companion. I light up with joy when I go on dates with suitors that luv to cater to a woman in the right way. Connecting on multiple levels over a glass of wine or a cocktail sets the tone just right. Plus a great date is one of the keys to unlocking my freaky side. Better yet, down right nasty side…lol. Show me off in my sexy dress, heels and no panties. Be proud to be seen with a beautiful blasian woman such as myself. Then let’s fuck as we both enjoy dessert at the end of the night. Ugh….this pussy just wants to get out and have some more adventures beyond being in an incall with a miking table.

I think I got a little carried away there….lol, but I really do get turned on when I get the opportunity to go on dates. This is why I believe things are going to work out just fine as I try out this whole new leg of the industry out. Let me address this now: sorry fellas, but I won’t be sharing the other personas name or info. If we cross paths then ok, but the whole point of this little venture is to prove to myself that I can do this all on my own. No leveraging Egypt and the reputation I’ve built with rubs which would ultimately devalue the new brand, unfortunately. Its just going to be me, an elevated persona, beautiful pics, my sensuality, charismatic personality and this BOMB PUSSY!!

How can I lose???

Again, I just gotta go for it and do the damn thing…….

Egypt Rose xoxo