Birthday Celebration Month!!! (8-1-23)


Hey Lovelies!


It’s that time of the year again! It’s my birthday celebration month and I’m very excited to make this my best month yet. I want to celebrate all month long, get wild, party and celebrate with all of YOU! July was a very interesting month especially because I attended a fetish party in London that was completely what you would imagine it to be. Lots of half naked bodies with sweat pouring down everyone from dancing our asses off. Oh yeah, let me not forget the sucking, fucking, fingering, kissing and anything that your sexual desires could come up with definitely went down at that party. The building was 4 stories tall with many rooms to dip off into and play in. I could go on and on about all of the eye candy that I saw as my new friend from this industry and I moved throughout the party. You definitely had to be there!! Anyways, back to the birthday celebration!

This month I will be prioritizing requests of 2hrs or more as I really want to enjoy myself by inviting longer sessions and dates! Building the connection and sexual chemistry ignites “ghost pepper’s” horniness in a way that short 1 hour or even 90 minute session have a hard time creating. I haven’t had an overnight in a while either so I believe you have to put the request out there and that’s how you truly manifest the experiences you want in life. I do want to make it clear that I appreciate every request I receive so never assume or believe that I would look down on a request that is shorter. I’m pushing myself this month to make some of my dreams come true so every dollar given to me is received with gratitude. After August, I will be taking a mini break to dedicate some more time to building my tiktok and overall social media brand. So if you can, I would luv to see YOU, help me ring in another rotation around the sun the right way!!

Egypt Rose XOXOXO

Here are some ways to contribute to my birthday celebration if you can’t make it to schedule a session:


Birthday Gift Wishlist – Amazon Gift List –$goddessegypt1     Note section: (Birthday Gift)